“I have great memories from the Richwood and everyone was so sweet. All the rehab hallway aides, nurses and therapy team were wonderful. If I ever need rehab again, I will not go anywhere other than the Richwood. The therapy team actually made it fun.”

A. Kabler

“Had a good experience.”

B. Garrett

“Mom is doing good after having therapy at the Richwood. After going home, home health comes to visit. We are happy with everything and feel things went very well. Freida and Faith, the aides and Stephanie the nurse were great!”

L. Hardesty Family

“Two people there were outstanding – Freida the aide and Kelly in therapy. Freida gave great care! Thanks for all that you did.”

R.E. Family

“Thanks for all that you did to help me. Therapy was great. God bless everyone of you for what you do.”


“Thanks to Amber -she was so sweet.”

C Straughn

“Therapy was the most profound thing to mom. You all improved everything with her. We just cannot believe how well mom is doing after being there at the Richwood. She is doing Great! Thank you to Tracy and Amber for coming to the house and evaluating mom and getting her admitted. It was a lifesaver. Don’t stop doing what you guys do everyday. Everyone was wonderful and so caring. We have no complaints. You brought mom back to better health.”

Family of L Saylor

“Thank you to the social services staff. They got everything done so quickly. You all have a demanding job. I am thankful for people like you and for the job that you did with mom. I really appreciate everything that you did.”

Family of M Billings

“Home health has been out to visit since we left. I would have to say that your staff are some of the nicest people who actually care about what they do. They did an excellent job. Mom has progressed well. It was a good experience in the short term rehab.”

Family of G Cissell

“This is nicest rehab that I have ever been in. I am a veteran and have been in several rehabs in the past and it is wonderful here. I will tell everyone that I know if they need rehab, they should come to the Richwood. Everyone is so kind and caring and have really helped me. The facility is the cleanest I have ever seen. Wonderful place and wonderful people.”

R Akin

“My young friend, Amy came to the Richwood with a terminal illness, during her 1 1/2 month stay there, she was under palliative care.  She received superb care, we felt that she was treated like family and loved  by the staff while she was there.  She never felt neglected or that her needs were not met.  Although she was so young to come to a nursing facility, it was very clean and neat  and it did not feel like a nursing home, she was on the rehab unit. The staff was always responsive to Amy, her family and friends as well.  I am a nurse and very picky and I want to express our gratitude for the compassionate care that she received during her last days at the Richwood and we could not have asked for her to receive better care anywhere else.”


“My sister, Amy was at the Richwood and I am so glad that she was there at the end of her life with all of you special, smiling, happy, and caring people.  Thank you  for all of your hard work and compassion.”


“We want to thank everyone at the Richwood for their compassion, caring and kindness extended to our daughter and sister during her downhill journey. You were  great with her care and helpful with all the necessary paperwork. You took such wonderful care of her during her weeks at your facility. We all truly appreciate it.”


“While my mother, Doris was at the Richwood she loved it there. I always felt that she was safe and very well taken care.  Although it is very hard to place your loved one in a facility, the Richwood is the cleanest place I have ever been in.  The staff are like saints there.  There really love the patients and treat them like family not like patients.  Mom always said she wanted to stay there and not go back home.  It is hard to put into words how wonderful it felt to know that when we left her there she was safe and would be taken care of and was in great hands.  I am beside myself with appreciation for all that you did for my mother, and if I ever had to recommend a nursing home, it would be the Richwood! Thank you from the heart.”


“I am peaceful knowing that my mother and father are so well cared for by the staff at Richwood. I live in Austin, Texas and come to Kentucky for visits several times a year. When I walk the halls with my mother, everyone smiles and hugs her. When I talk with my father, he is pleased with Richwood for honoring his choices and working towards a good experience for all. Thank you to everyone who loves and respects my parents as I do.”
Jacque P.

“The nurses are great. The aides, house keepers, the kitchen staff, the people at the front desk- all are always friendly. The Director of Nursing is very sweet, kind and understanding. The maintenance man goes above and beyond his job for my mom. They are always kind to everyone and always willing to help others. You can tell they really care about the people here. We are thankful for Richwood. May God bless you all.”
Betty C. (Daughter of patient Violet B.)

“Dad and I are thankful for the whole staff at Richwood. Everyone has done an awesome job taking care of my father. You all are truly gifted at what you individually do.”
Cara T. (Daughter of patient Russell T.)

“There are no words to express my thanks & appreciation for your care & kindness that you showed to David while he was at Richwood! I feel you went above and beyond what was expected.”
Linda M. (Wife of patient David M.)

“My mother has been a client of Richwood for several months now; I would like to express our great appreciations for the individualized care that she has been receiving; my mother doesn’t speak English, but people at Richwood found the way how to communicate with her efficiently by not only using the language apps but also showing their warmth, love, support and empathy; some staff members basically became like members of our family.”
Anna P. (Daughter of patient Nonna P.)